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TOP BIKES IN Harrachov !!!

Outside of the winter season, we offer the possibility to rent Mountain Bikes, E-Bikes, Kick-Bikes, in our facility in the center of Harrachov (at the intersection with the pharmacy, towards the ski lift)  GPS – 50.7723797N, 15.4296039E





Mountain bikes brands KTM and SCOTT 27,5″-29″, E-bikes FLYER, KTM, CTM and KROSS, E-Bikes for kids 24″ and frame XXS, Kick-Bikes CRUSSIS, bikes for children, helmets, children’s bicycle seats HAMAX…


To rent mountain bikes, needs valid two personal ID, for electric bikes a refundable deposit of 3000.- in cash!

Price list: 



There is also BIKE SERVIS, the sale of bicycle parts and accessories.


MINI SERVIS                100.-

( replacement of tires or braces / brake blocks / chain / cassettes / computer / fender / grip / gripping…)


BASIC SERVIS       590.-

( wheel alignment, tire inflation, tire inflation + inflation, tightening of stem bolts + saddles + head assembly, chain lubrication + check, brake adjustment and shifting, component functionality check) Test ride


EXPERT SERVIS            890.-

( BASIC SERVICE + … cleaning of fork gliders, removal of cranks and total center tightening + checking and tightening of transducers, cleaning and tightening of derailleur + derailleurs and chain, check of the condition and lubrication of cables + bridging gear and brake system, adjustment of the frame socket and guides of the derailleurs, composition and cleaning + determination of bearing clearance, check + lubrication and tightening of hubs, tightening and checking of wheel struts, control of fork and damper locking, brake fluid uptake) Test ride

SERVIS 400.- for 1 hour