daily 7: 45-17: 00 pm

Ski and snowboard service

servis-serizeni servis-mazani servis-brouseni servis-oprava

Harrachov 189  a  Harrachov 229

Skis grinding, sharpening edges of skis and snowboards is performed by cooling under water machines REICHMANN. Smaller service willing to do while you wait, the larger repair base the next day. Lubrication Swiss wax TOKO, the method by ironing, for better filling base and longer life wax. RACE also like to perform service, hand cut and naúhlované edges, fluor wax, brushing the wax from the base structure and polishing.

!!! Adjustment of bindings and tripping forces are doing in our premises FREE !!!


Waxing 150.- 200.-
Grind 200.- handmade 200,. handmade
Service + Complete Repair 400.- 450.-

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